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Begode Resolute C38 Parts Wheel - Not sold as New/Used- No Warranty

Begode Resolute C38 Parts Wheel - Not sold as New/Used- No Warranty

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Originally the Begode Resolute was a 116 volt Lithium Iron. We had so many issues with the charging system/Charging board that we pulled them and stopped selling in 2022. 

These are sold as is with no warranty> The new units will have 0 miles on the motor.  The used units will have up to 50 miles.

For New Units, the controller will not work with 100.8 volts unless you are crafty and know how to reflash it. 

We suggest using this as a C38 RS project. (did you crash your RS? this is perfect for you)

If you have a few 900wh packs (lg or Samsung) sitting around, change out the MR60 connectors to xt60 and you have a new looking and fresh wheel (you re-use your RS Main Board)

Only guaranteed to come with a motor and shell (may includes other parts including batteries). If there are batteries it may charge and work out of the box, or it may not.  Does not come with charger.

All vehicles come with a stock charger.
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